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TFA Edge

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What is
TFA Edge?
TFA Edge is a software solution giving you web-broker status. It allows you to connect directly to and enroll individual clients in on-exchange plans – even for special enrollment. You can cut enrollment from an hour to less than 10 minutes.
Complete an application on in 10 minutes!
TFA Edge gives you Web-Broker status, providing you with direct access that decreases enrollment time from an hour to less than 15 minutes. So, if you've been using the front door, you'll save a TON of time and if you've stayed away because of the time, you can now seize the opportunity.
Track renewals & email clients
with a built-in CRM.
The CRM in TFA Edge will allow you to manage your interactions with current and future clients using technology to organize, automate and coordinate sales and marketing.
Reach customers with a
personalized online sales website.
We will build you a website that is linked to your broker pages with each carrier as well as The website also gives you the ability to showcase other services you offer.
Get organized and
work efficiently!
TFA Edge helps you stay organized and work efficiently so you can SELL MORE! It's fast, accurate and low cost. Sign up for a demo today!
TFA Edge:
Only $25 per month
It's only $25 a month for agents in Federally Facilitated Marketplace states.
There is no fee per application!
Have you got the Edge?
From direct connectivity with on your own branded website, to tracking enrollment and automated communications, TFA Edge has you covered.

Our brokers increased their business by 75% in 2018.

You only have 45 days to renew all of your individual clients. TFA Edge allows you to exponentially increase your productivity thereby increasing your business and putting more dollars in your pocket.

TFA Edge - The health insurance broker tools that will make your job easier, give you time to sell more and be on target for success. TFAEdge has the speed you need.